What is a bookmaker?

Toyota TermurahLive Betting What is a bookmaker?

It is simply the person who takes your bets. Betclic is a bookmaker, pmu, unibet, netbet, france bet, vbet…

Obviously these online betting sites are prohibited for minors

There are different bookmakers for betting online. Each with their own welcome offer policy.

But why not just pick one at random at first? Why look elsewhere? How can a “detail” like this make a difference in your results?

In fact it’s very simple, there is a difference in odds at each bookmaker. Let’s say you make an average of one bet per day, that’s 365 bets per year. If you bet €100 per bet, a difference of 0.05 on the odds of a match represents €5 in winnings per bet. So: 5 x 365 = €1825. Whatever the championship there are differences between the bookmakers for each meeting!

By ignoring this parameter, you would miss out on €1,825 in potential earnings. 1825 € for the same work provided

I think it is interesting to control this parameter to take the best ribs, right? For that you can use odds comparators for example.

How to choose your online sports betting site?

 choose your online sports betting

I invite you to see the full article I did on this subject by clicking HERE

In this article you will learn why it is necessary to be present on several bookmakers, and I will detail all my selection criteria for choosing the best bookmakers: the odds offered, ergonomics…. welcome bonuses.. (for the most part it is a 1st free bet).

To help you choose the right sports betting sites, I have made a comparison with the best odds, the best welcome offers, the ergonomics of each

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