Comparison between casino without an account and regular casinos

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casino without an account

We have already gone through a number of advantages that a casino without an account offers. However, there are, as always, both good and slightly worse things about everything. A casino without registration, for example, has a significantly faster and easier start-up process. You just need to verify yourself with your bank ID and then make a deposit. However, you rarely get a welcome bonus at a casino without an account, while you almost always get it at a regular one.

The main reason for this is perhaps not that a casino without an account is stingy (after all, there are traditionally structured casinos that do not offer a welcome bonus either), but that they want the registration process to be as quick and smooth as possible. If the casino were to add a welcome bonus with associated conditions, it would immediately make the process more complicated.

We will write more about the pros and cons on this page, but we also want to offer an easy-to-understand comparison between a casino without an account and a traditional casino.

Advantages of a casino without registration:

  • You will get started much faster
  • You don’t need to remember your username and password to log in
  • Withdrawals are generally incredibly fast, sometimes you have the money in your bank account within five minutes of requesting the withdrawal

You usually do not need to send in documents that prove your identity and your address

Disadvantages of a casino without registration:

  • You don’t have nearly as many payment methods to choose from
  • Both deposits and withdrawals go directly to and from your bank account, which can be a disadvantage for some players
  • In exceptional cases, you may need to submit documents in any case, despite the fact that the purpose of the casino without registration was to avoid doing so

Trickier registration at regular casinos

Trickier registration

If you play with a regular player, and not with a casino without an account, the registration process is significantly trickier. You need to create a user account and fill in personal details, address, phone number, email address, a password and often a username. After this, you need to verify yourself by uploading a copy or photo of an ID document, proof of address and possibly proof that you own your payment method.

The verification process often takes some time, and you can rarely withdraw any money until you have uploaded all the papers and the casino has checked them. If you play at a registration-free casino, you avoid all of this and can start depositing or withdrawing money immediately. However, we would like to remind you again that even a casino without an account can request ID and proof of address, depending on the circumstances. However, it is one of the rare ones.

Something else that speaks in favor of a casino without registration is that such a casino is often a casino with direct payout. If you want to play at a faster casino that makes the whole process more efficient, a casino without an account is clearly the best choice.

Did you know this about casino without an account?

There are plenty of complicated definitions and concepts when it comes to casino without an account, so we have put together an easy-to-read FAQ where you can get easy-to-digest answers right away. As usual, we ask you to read the entire article if you want complete answers.

What is casino bankID?

It is the same as bankID, which in turn is a digital verification that all Swedes with a social security number and an approved ID document can get. You cannot therefore use a casino bankID as an ID document if you do not already have one.

What is Trustly?

What is Trustly?

It is a payment service, in the same way that Visa and Mastercard are payment services. To verify yourself when using Trustly, you must have a casino bankID.

What is Pay N Play?

Simply put: it’s Trustly for casino transactions. Pay N Play uses Trustly in such a way that the payment service not only transfers money, but also necessary personal information so that you don’t have to manually submit ID documents and proof of address to the casino.

What is a casino without an account?

A popular collective name for casinos that only use Trustly and Pay N Play, i.e. a casino without registration. Technically, an account is created at all casinos with a Swedish license (it is a requirement from the Swedish Gaming Authority), but you as a player will experience that you are playing at a casino without an account because you do not need to register or log in in the traditional way.

What is the advantage of playing at a Pay N Play casino?

It is much faster to get started without having to log in, and above all the withdrawals are significantly faster.

What are the disadvantages then?

There are no other payment methods to choose from, so you have to use Trustly. On the other hand, there are very rarely advantages with other payment methods such as Visa or Skrill.

How do I find a casino without an account?

Check our list on this page, and you will see, for example, Pronto Casino, which is a casino without an account. If you want more information about a casino you find interesting, just read our casino reviews – they are very informative!

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