Extension Of The StadtCasino Basel By Herzog & de Meuron Architects

Toyota TermurahCasino Games Online Extension Of The StadtCasino Basel By Herzog & de Meuron Architects
StadtCasino Basel

The StadtCasino Basel is a cultural and concert venue located in the Swiss city of Basel. It was originally built in 1894 and has since undergone several renovations and expansions. The latest of which was completed in 2019 by Herzog & de Meuron.

The backstory is that when the old Stadttheater was demolished in 1975, the ensuing gap provided a plaza for the new Theater, officially marking the end of the former Cultural Mile. A new casino, created by architects Kehlstadt & Brodtbeck, replaced the old one in 1939.

The Swiss architectural company Herzog & de Meuron was founded in Basel, Switzerland, by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron in 1978. The firm has since become one of the most influential architectural firms in the world. With projects ranging from museums and stadiums to office buildings and schools. Herzog & de Meuron are known for their minimalist, modern designs. They tend to incorporate natural materials and local cultural influences. They are also committed to sustainability. Creating buildings that are energy-efficient and useing natural resources responsibly is their forte.

As previously said, Herzog & de Meuron is renowned for their innovative and sustainable designs. The extension of the StadtCasino Basel is no exception. The extension project aimed to not only increase the capacity of the venue but also to upgrade its technical capabilities. Improving the overall experience for visitors was the real aim.

One of the key features of the extension is the addition of a new concert hall, which has a seating capacity of 1,200 people. The new concert hall is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. This makes it one of the most technologically advanced concert halls in Europe. The new concert hall also features a unique acoustic design that has been optimized for a wide range of musical performances. From classical concerts to rock shows, the concert hall is equipped for anything.

Another important aspect of the extension was the integration of sustainable design features. The structure was built with maximum energy efficiency in mind. Features such as triple-glazed windows, a green roof, and a state-of-the-art ventilation system were considered. The use of natural materials such as wood and stone also contributes to the sustainability of the building.

The extension project also involved the construction of a new public square. It serves as a gathering space for visitors before and after events. No matter where you are, you can always log in to MasonSlots online. The square features an outdoor stage, seating areas, and a large screen that displays information about upcoming events. The square also provides access to the new concert hall, making it easier for visitors to find their way around the venue.

Overall, the appendage of the StadtCasino Basel by Herzog & de Meuron has been a huge success, both in terms of its design and functionality. The new concert hall has received positive reviews from both musicians and audiences. It’s acoustics and technological capabilities haven’t gone unnoticed. 

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