Understanding Gambling facts and myths

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Gambling facts and myths

 Gambling basically is risking money or an object of value over the outcome of a game, with a chance of winning more. Typical examples of gambling include:

  • Lottery 
  • Poker
  • Sports betting 
  • Casino games
  • Bingo

Getting knowledge about information and facts on gambling will help to get informed and empowered.

Common myths and facts are;

Myth: Gambling is a way to make money 

Fact: Gambling should be a form of entertainment 

 Although gambling can yield money sometimes, it should be seen as a source of income. The outcome of a game or event is uncertain and money can be lost. Gambling should be enjoyed leisurely. Enjoy sport betting as an entertainment through 22Bet registration

Myth: If I keep playing, I can recover lost money 

Fact: Chasing losses will not change the odds of the game.

 The outcome of every game you play is independent of the previous game or games you played. Chasing your losses can cause you to bet more than you can afford to lose. Setting a budget Before playing can help avoid going overboard.

Myth: Gambling isn’t addictive 

Fact: Gambling is designed to be addictive 

Myth: Teenagers don’t gamble and cannot develop gambling problem 

Fact: Gambling is a bigger problem in teenagers than older people

  An estimated 4% of teenagers are said to have gambling problems. In a class of 100 teenagers, 4 are likely to have serious gambling problems. They are more susceptible to gambling than adults. The advent of online gambling sites provide easy access to adolescents by simply lying about their age.

Myth: Knowing the game well will increase your chances of winning 

Fact: The odds are always stacked against you.

 Knowing the rules of the game like in poker can help to an extent, but it is important to remember that the odds are stacked against you. All gambling games are favored for the house hence all gambling websites want it. Knowing the game well will not change the fact that the game is made to favor the house.

Myth: Problem gamblers gamble every day 

Fact: Problem gamblers also have dry periods

 The frequency of gambling is not as significant as the aftermath, problem gamblers can gamble constantly or seldomly. It is important to understand that if your gambling has psychological, financial, emotional and marital hardship on you or people around you then you are a problem gambler 

Myth: Gambling addiction is only a financial problem 

Fact: Gambling problem can extend beyond financial losses

 People who struggle with gambling spend more time satisfying their gambling desires, neglecting normal activities and responsibilities. Their commitment to gambling can affect:

  • Career: They begin to miss work which can result in being written up or losing the job.
  • Relationship: Gambling can cause strain on relationships due to financial issues, job loss and absence that might come with gambling addiction.
  • Mental health: Problem gamblers can experience anxiety,depression and emotional distress.

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