Sports betting advice n°1: Avoid the pitfalls

Toyota TermurahLive Betting Sports betting advice n°1: Avoid the pitfalls
Sports betting advice

In the world of sports betting, there are many pitfalls. If you are on this page, you have surely typed “how to win at sports betting? and it’s completely normal, we all go through this stage. This is the moment when you realize that you have to change your way of making money with sports betting. But you don’t know how to do it, and it’s dangerous. Indeed, you will find miracle techniques on the internet, on paper they are infallible.

But they will all lead you to bankruptcy.

Take the example of the martingale. (Or the rising one.)

It is true that the reasoning is logical: take a side of 2, bet a sum, if you lose you start again by betting double to compensate for the loss. Repeat the operation until you win a bet. Unbeatable as a strategy!

But 100% of bettors who have tried this method have gone bankrupt. I give you my complete opinion on this method in this article.

On the other hand, if you want to adopt a strategy that really works and has been proven. I invite you to look at the article that talks about the strategy of the black beast!

The second trap to avoid is to play the big favorites.

It can be tempting to bet big on teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Bayer leverkusen… The coast is very small, but we often win. This is the mistake of all beginner bettors.

Let’s take an example: Barcelona during the 2018-2019 season. It was the best team in Spain that year, the one with the most victories. We couldn’t have predicted that. But even if we had expected it, here are the numbers:

We take €100 bet per game, over 38 games that’s €3800 spent. Barcelona have won 26 games.

Let’s therefore assume that the average odds for Barcelona are 1.46 per bet (it is much lower, often around 1.05) 1.46 X 100 = €146

€146 X 26 games won = €3796

With an abnormally high average odds of €1.46, we can’t even break even.

This takes us to the third trap. The exact opposite of the second: seek to make big hits on our predictions, on combined bets for example.

Many bettors will combine encounters to reach odds of 6, 7 or sometimes 100. An odd of 100 means that if you win you will win 100 times your stake. But in reality 3 outcomes are possible in a football match. But in fact your chances of winning are so low that you will not earn money in the long term. You know this if you are used to playing with handsets. How many times does one out of 5 matches make you lose your chance to win the bet?

Is it annoying to lose because of a draw? You want to go back, you were only one goal away from the jackpot! The bookmakers have understood this, that’s why it encourages you to play combined by granting you bonuses for this type of bet. The basis for making money with sports betting is to simply stay on simple bets.

The next trap is simply to bet live.

bet live

When you bet live, your emotions are masters, you are no longer able to decide correctly, and we know that during a sporting match, the match can go through many phases, in less than 2 minutes a match can completely switch.

During Euro 2004, the France-England match. In the 38th minute France takes a goal and finds itself behind. The result remained frozen throughout the match, and France equalized in the 91st minute to finally take the lead with a second goal in the 93rd minute.

What happens when you play live?

Before kick-off you think France will win, so you bet on France winning. The side is at 1.5 you bet 100 €

The end of the game is coming, you want to recover your loss, so you will bet on an England victory. But as she has a goal lead at the end of the match, the odds are very low, usually around 1.1 so you bet big. You have to put in €1000 to get your bet back (1000 X 1.1 = 1100). There are 4 minutes left in the game, you’re not taking a big risk, are you? You will avoid losing the €100 initial bet. Here we go, you take the bet. It’s human, everyone wants to recoup their loss.

France reverses the match. You finally win your initial bet: 100 x 1.5 = 150 euros.

€1100 bet for €150 winnings. €950 in losses, when you were supposed to earn €50 in profit.

So you understand why it is not good to play live and follow your matches live on footao.

Matches like this, there are plenty of them, every week in sports betting, regardless of the league, the championship. You sometimes have much less predictable turnarounds, like the Reading-Arsenal match in 2012 during the league cup. At the 36th minute Reading led 4 – 0. The result of the match is 5 – 7 (victory of Arsenal).

Always on the same principle, that of not letting your emotions control your decisions, I advise you not to play on your favorite team.

I also advise you to pay close attention to the tilt.

attention to the tilt

The tilt is when you lose a lot (a lot of bets or a large sum), then you will start playing anyhow to recover your losses. But your judgment being distorted you will simply dig your losses. This is how many beginners reduce their bankroll to 0 in less than a week. Because in sports betting, as in poker; good series exist, but so do bad ones. This is called variance, but we will come back to this concept in a later tip.

Now that you know the pitfalls to avoid, let’s move on to the next tip, to make money from sports betting.

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